Wedding Day Disaster…Not on My Watch!

Behind the Scenes of a Real Wedding...Avoiding a Wedding Day Disaster

A bride and groom's dream wedding day - flowers, lace, and all their details neatly tied up with ribbons. The makings of a magazine worthy wedding…and then the $#iT! hits the fan! We know weddings are not neatly wrapped, and protected by all that glitters and sparkles. Yet, with all of our hearts, we hope and pray that a wedding day disaster will not happen to us. If you have worked in the industry long enough, you will have a few stories to tell. Some funny, and some that shaved a few years off your life! Let me share my story...

Did you hear the one about a beautiful wedding day, excited couple...and an electrical fire?

In September of 2015, I was presented with the challenge of my career. It called on my 15+ years of experience, the importance of troubleshooting, leading a team, and maintaining grace under pressure.

My couple stands at the altar exchanging vows. They are excited that all their efforts have led up to this moment. Little do they know, we received word that their reception venue was evacuated minutes before due to an electrical fire.

We have one hour to find a new location. Did we mention that it was the last day of TIFF? We have to reconnect with the rental company to move the rentals, set up the venue, coordinate the vendors, adjust the timeline for the evening, inform the guests and…tell the couple.

It took a village to get the couple from 'I Do' to 'Let's Dance'

Quitting was not an option! Finally, a new reception venue is found across town. We call a team meeting, share the plan of action, and outline expectations so we can get the wedding back on track.  Each team member is asked to approach every task with an open mind, to share responsibilities, work together, and get their hands dirty. I am extremely proud of the team of professionals that stepped up, and I am humbled that they believed in me, trusted me and gave me their support.

It has been 5 months since that day.  As I look back it still sounds like it came straight out of a movie.

It took a village to save our couple’s wedding day. It may not have been the wedding that they had dreamed of, but you cannot argue that it was memorable. It reminded me of the dedication, commitment and the lengths that we, as wedding professionals, would go to for our couples.