Top 10 Tips When Planning Your Wedding Stationery

Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Planning your Wedding Stationery like a pro!

First impressions count!

It’s true when they say that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your ‘Save the Dates’ or Invitations are your guests’ first peek into your wedding. They set the tone of your event, and gives them a hint of what they can expect. This is the time to include details that will reflect your personality, your wedding colors and the formality of the day or evening. It’s paper eye candy with a purpose!  We will help you nail a great first impression with these top 10 tips when planning your wedding stationery.

1. Start Planning Early

The bigger your wish list, the more planning involved. Ask your stationery company to provide you with a Production Schedule so you know when decisions need to be made, and when proofs need to be approved to stay on track.  Do you have questions about proper wording for your invitations?  You may find Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette book helpful when addressing certain family dynamics. Visit  Emily Post

Photo Credit: Hudson Taylor Photography
Photo Credit: Hudson Taylor Photography
2.  Extra! Extra!

Make sure you have a few extra invitations on hand. Where possible, order at least 10 extra sets plus a few extra envelopes too. You may have to resend an invitation that was lost in the mail, and you may decide to set aside a few as keepsake.  It will be expensive to order more invitations after the fact so you’ll be glad to have extras on hand.

3.  RSVP Coding

A guest may forget to write their name on their RSVP card, and you will have no idea on who sent it.  It has been known to happen.  A simple number system marked on the back of each RSVP code can be the answer.

4.  Shipping Dates

Your Save the Date cards should be mailed 6-8 months before your wedding.  This will give your out-of-town guests plenty of time to work out their vacation dates, and travel plans.  For your wedding invitations, mail them out 10-12 weeks before, and ask for their replies approximately 1 month before.

5.  Day of Stationery

The fun doesn’t stop once the invitations are out the door!

If you are a lover of all things paper, then you would be happy to know that you can continue your wedding stationery love affair onto Ceremony Programs, Place Cards, Seating Charts, Menu Cards and my new favorite trend of Got a Sign for That! Wedding Signage.

Framed Sentiments
Photo Credit: Michael T Photography
6. Size Does Matter

Before you even fall in love with a invitation design, ask the question about postage.  And then when all is said and done, and your invitations are ready, visit the post office and have a sample weighed.  You don’t want to be surprised later when your invitations have been returned due to insufficient postage.

7. Custom Postage

Take your wedding theme to a whole new level with custom stamps.  Beware of imitations; it’s always best to work with your stationery company or local post office.

8.  Sticky Situation

Check and double check that your invitations are properly packed and sealed. The heavier the card stock the higher the chance that your invitation will bust loose from its’ envelope.  Put in the extra effort and reinforce the seal with a glue stick or sticker.

9.  Snap a Photo

Before sending out your invitations, snap a photo of the neatly packed collection of wedding stationery that is ready to be mailed.

10.  It’s all about the little details!

Your photographer will want to shoot every little detail on your wedding day.  Don’t forget your wedding stationery…your invitation makes the perfect backdrop for your jewelry, and wedding rings!

Photo Credit: Ikonica
Photo Credit: Ikonica

Feature Image Photo Credit:  Chris Bodnar Photography