Wedding Day Management and Coordination

OMG where to even start. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for making our wedding "Simply Perfect". It was everything I had imagined and wanted it to be all in one day. Each and every one of the vendors that you had put me in touch with was so easy and professional - it almost seemed too easy. The entire decor of the wedding and the flow of events was absolutely perfect. And WHY?? All because of YOU. Thank you for your guidance, your suggestions and your support from start to finish for our wedding. You were so patient and calm and made everything "just happen" I cannot wait to get back all of the pictures to relive the moment - but I know this for sure. It was the BEST day of my life and I felt like the luckiest person alive.
Leigh and Scott

Simply Perfect specializes in wedding day management and coordination. We are built on family based values and worldwide expertise which allows us to provide you, our couples, with the reassurance that your wedding day will unfold as you envision. We understand that wedding expenses easily add up and the daunted task that you have to ensure that you are investing your money wisely along the way.

Simply Perfect offers varying levels of services so that you control the amount you have to spend by choosing the services you want, and need. We offer consultations, design, partial to full planning and wedding day management/coordination. Our services are designed with convenience in mind, whether it is a phone meeting or on location we ensure your busy schedule is accommodated.

I would not have been able to get through my wedding if it were not for Jodi and Matina. Jodi is full of positive energy and a well organized machine. She and Matina took all my worries away. As Jodi was not available the day of the wedding Matina was there to oversee the whole thing and it went off without a hitch. Matina's calming demeanour made the event stress free. I think my biggest regret is not hiring Jodi at the very beginning. My husband didn't think we needed a Wedding planner and that we could do it on our own. However, the value that Jodi added when we did hire her was above and beyond amazing. I can't thank them enough.
Desiree and Nick

We celebrated our wedding with an evening of enchanted, sophisticated elegance that far exceeded our vision for the evening. In addition to fully coordinating and organizing our wedding, Jodi ensured that we enjoyed the planning process at every step throughout the months leading up to our wedding. Monitoring our tasks and making sure we met decision deadlines, Jodi allowed our part of the planning process to be stress free and fun. My Husband and I had a wonderful experience working with Jodi in the months leading up to our wedding, and enjoyed a magical evening on the day! Our guests were breath taken by the beauty of the event. It requires a huge amount of confidence to put the execution of your wedding day in the hands of someone else. We put our wedding in Jodi's hands and it was simply perfect.
Tania and Paul

Whether it is the first step, the last step, or every step of the way, we create a partnership with you that promises to take your event to the next level. From referrals to reviewing vendor contracts, to preparing a detailed timeline, to liaising/coordinating with your team of experts to troubleshooting logistics onsite, our ultimate goal is to harness the naturally charged energy of the day, to seamlessly finesse all the wedding details and maintain the flow of events so you don’t have to.

Experience, expertise and passion are truly priceless. At the end of the day, and long after your guests have left and the gifts are opened, then will you and your fiancé agree on the undeniable value that a wedding planner added to the planning process and the overall truly magical experience of your wedding day.

I knew I wanted a wedding planner, much to the disagreement of my husband, parents, his parents, bridesmaids - pretty much everyone. They thought we could do it on our own. I found Jodi (I chose her after extensive research) and everyone in my life was completely blown away after just a few minutes of watching her work. Needless to say, everyone saw exactly what I was talking about and yes, we could have done it on our own, but it would have been a completely different wedding - certainly not the one we dreamed of or imagined. Jodi knows you, understands your vision and if you don't have one, she will help you create one. She provides options when you think you've exhausted all of them, she is always there when you need her (sometimes last minute emergencies happen around weddings), and I don't know how she does this but we felt as if ours was the only wedding she was planning! What meant the most to me - Jodi treated our wedding and the money we were spending as if it was her own. She truly cares and wants it to be the most perfect day for you - it's not just a job for her. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Maya (and Ben)

I won't tell you why I think Jodi created the most impressive wedding I have ever been to (and I had the privilege of being the groom in that wedding), I will tell you what we heard from our vendors, some of whom had worked with Jodi before, others who were working with her for the first time: 1. "Your wedding planner is amazing! She makes my job so easy so I am free to really do what I do best" 2. "I love your wedding planner, she is so organized, she sends me exactly what I need to do so I don't have to scramble and figure it out. It really makes my job so much easier." 3. "Most weddings are behind schedule as the day progresses, and not just by a little bit. Your wedding was right on track, everything was perfect and worked so smoothly, I have never seen that happen" - that was all Jodi. 4. "Your wedding planner is a super genius". Yes, our DJ actually said that! I never provide feedback but I am compelled to in this case because the high quality of care and work Jodi does is incredible. One thing I didn't think about when selecting a wedding planner is how important it is for the planner to be able to get along with, motivate, and 'lead' all of your vendors throughout your wedding day (and sometimes leading up to your wedding as well). I don't just highly recommend Jodi, I can't imagine planning a wedding without her.
Ben (and Maya)

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