The Secret of Planning a (simply) Perfect Wedding

Wedding Planning is an Art: How to be in control of your wedding so it doesn’t take control of you.

What is behind every stunning, jaw dropping, tear jerking perfect wedding? A mountain of paper filled with notes, timelines, and lists. Despite the structure of details (and lists with lists!), we still need to reserve a space for spontaneity. Therefore, Wedding Planning is an art. When did I first fall in love with the art of planning? As a Stage Manager in Theatre over 20 years ago.

So, what is the secret to having a simply perfect wedding day?

A Stage Manager’s main organization tool is a Prompt Book. All of the details of the theatrical productions we worked on were neatly filed and marked in these books. It was our Bible. These books never left our side. We had them for Rehearsal, Tech Week and the Performance. It included, for example, Contact Lists, Scripts, Schedules, Cue Sheets and Production Notes. Our detailed books would come to life on stage. Even after months of rehearsals, production meetings, and tech runs.  Cue transition into the world of weddings!

Our Wedding Day file falls in line with the stage management concept. It includes the most important information that we need access to on the wedding day. From List of Accessories, to copies of the Ceremony Readings, to Contact Lists, Delivery Schedules, Event Floor Plans and Timelines. Details needed are readily available. A successful event demands an understanding of the details months and weeks prior to the wedding day. A good connection between couples, and the wedding team is key. It is the driving force for trust.

Planning A Perfect Wedding
Photo Credit: Capture Wedding Photography
There is magic that happens behind the scenes, too!

I love the buzz of activity of a dedicated crew of wedding professionals taking care of setup.  I love the transition from ideas on paper blown up to a life size wonderland in living color. I love the anticipation. The wedding couple meets for the first time on the wedding day.  The chatter over drinks during the Cocktail hour. As well as, the bubbles of laughter over dinner. I love seeing the day unfold from one event into the next. Having a plan made this happen. Managing the plan on the wedding day ensured a simply perfect wedding.

Planning your perfect wedding day
Photo Credit: Capture Wedding Photography