Hiring a Wedding Planner. Is it worth it?

Let’s face it; we all have a To Do list that is a never-ending whirlwind of expectations, and deadlines. And then add wedding planning to your list and the stress factor increases to an alarming level. What is the secret? Knowing when the investment to share tasks or delegate altogether is worth your time, and sanity. You can trust a wedding planner to help you in the many roles that come hand in hand with wedding planning and count on them for overall support as an advisor, coordinator, financial planner, mediator and friend.

7 Gifts That You Receive from a Wedding Planner:

  1. Build a relationship with you, support you and work with you throughout the planning process.
  2. Save you time and costly mistakes, and give you peace of mind throughout the detailed planning of your wedding.
  3. They are your professional representative with specialized training, expertise and solid contacts that you can rely on.
  4. Provide you with opportunities to benefit from vendor-preferred rates.
  5. Ensure that you are connected with professionals who are right for you.
  6. Become an extension of you, your wedding party and your family to ensure a seamless execution of your wedding day.
  7. Give you the opportunity to step back, and truly engage in each moment on your wedding day.

3 Top Qualities to Look for in a Wedding Planner:

  1. Professional - A professional holds themselves to a higher standard of education, and training so that they can provide the best possible service. They invest in new knowledge and skills because they take their business seriously and will give your wedding the respect it deserves.
  2. Reputable - There is good, bad and ugly in the wedding industry. People talk so be sure to listen to what they are saying about the professionals on your team, as they will be a reflection of you, and your event.
  3. Grace Under Pressure - Every couple wishes for the simply perfect wedding. And it can be achieved with the right professionals who can re-direct the curve ball thrown, troubleshoot as necessary, find and execute solutions while maintaining a friendly disposition and calm demeanor. Grace under pressure is never letting them see you sweat!

Don’t trust your wedding with just anyone!

Your wedding is serious business…it is months or years of dreams, savings, hopes and wishes. A Wedding Planner committed to setting the bar of excellence in the wedding industry will invest in their continued education because their business and your wedding is worth it!

The Association of Bridal Consultants has three levels of designation. Each indicates an achievement of higher level of training and expertise - Professional Wedding Planner (PWP), Accredited Wedding Planner (AWP) and Master Wedding Planner (MWP). Also, all ABC members agree to uphold a Code of Ethics as laid out by the Association.