The Secret of Planning a (simply) Perfect Wedding

Wedding Planning is an Art: How to be in control of your wedding so it doesn’t take control of you.

What is behind every stunning, jaw dropping, tear jerking perfect wedding? A mountain of paper filled with notes, timelines, and lists. Despite the structure of details (and lists with lists!), we still need to reserve a space for spontaneity. Therefore, Wedding Planning is an art. When did I first fall in love with the art of planning? As a Stage Manager in Theatre over 20 years ago.

Top 10 Tips When Planning Your Wedding Stationery

Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Planning your Wedding Stationery like a pro!

First impressions count!

It’s true when they say that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your ‘Save the Dates’ or Invitations are your guests’ first peek into your wedding. They set the tone of your event, and gives them a hint of what they can expect. This is the time to include details that will reflect your personality, your wedding colors and the formality of the day or evening. It’s paper eye candy with a purpose!  We will help you nail a great first impression with these top 10 tips when planning your wedding stationery.

Wedding Day Disaster…Not on My Watch!

Behind the Scenes of a Real Wedding...Avoiding a Wedding Day Disaster

A bride and groom's dream wedding day - flowers, lace, and all their details neatly tied up with ribbons. The makings of a magazine worthy wedding…and then the $#iT! hits the fan! We know weddings are not neatly wrapped, and protected by all that glitters and sparkles. Yet, with all of our hearts, we hope and pray that a wedding day disaster will not happen to us. If you have worked in the industry long enough, you will have a few stories to tell. Some funny, and some that shaved a few years off your life! Let me share my story...

Hiring a Wedding Planner. Is it worth it?

Let’s face it; we all have a To Do list that is a never-ending whirlwind of expectations, and deadlines. And then add wedding planning to your list and the stress factor increases to an alarming level. What is the secret? Knowing when the investment to share tasks or delegate altogether is worth your time, and sanity. You can trust a wedding planner to help you in the many roles that come hand in hand with wedding planning and count on them for overall support as an advisor, coordinator, financial planner, mediator and friend.