Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

There is something magical about stepping out and seeing your fiancé for the first time on your wedding day.  When your eyes meet, nothing else matters, and the world slips away. It is the day when your love is celebrated and unfolds into beautiful swoon-worthy moments of laughter, tears of joy and delightful details for you and your guests to enjoy.

All love stories begin with a promise. At Simply Perfect, we follow through with that promise. We focus on you, and your story of love and commitment. We are an intimate team of Toronto Wedding Planners so you can be assured that you will receive our personal attention from “Yes, I Will” to “Yes, I Do!” We specialize in Wedding Day Coordination and have been orchestrating seamless events since 2001.

We celebrate love; and your wedding day promises to be the sweetest of celebrations. We love the buzz of activity of a dedicated crew of professionals taking care of setup.  We love the transition from ideas on paper blown up to a life size wonderland of color and texture.  We love the anticipation and excitement of our couples’ first look, and the warm conversation and bubbles of laughter during dinner. With our support, you can take a step back from the stress and truly live in the moment of your wedding day. Let us offer you the peace of mind that each detail will be choreographed as you imagine.

We are looking forward to sharing in your wedding plans!

Are you a Simply Perfect couple?